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  • Interchange

    Quest Keys

    • Unknown Key - Skier's quest: The Extortionist. It opens the white cabin in front of wallet spawn. This key spawns on a dead scav, in the bushes behind the Welcome truck.
    • Cabin Key (trailer park) - Skier's quest: Golden Swag. The key opens the cabin near offline spawn. It can be found on scavs or near the weapon spawn factory in Customs if lost.
    • Room 303 - Skier's quest: Golden Swag. The key can be found on scavs. The golden lighter will be on the table.
    • Room 220 - Skier's quest: Chemical P2. The file can be found in the blue folders and there's something under the laptop.
    • Machinery Key - Prapor's Quest: Checking. This opens the fuel truck's cabin inside Customs construction area. The watch is on the truck cabin's floor. This key spawns in room 205 in 3-Storey (partially blocked doorway) in the jacket.
    • Customs Key - Prapor's Quest: Delivery From the Past. The secure case will be close under the desk in the far room.
    • Key (black handle: portable cabin key) - Prapor's quest: Bad Rep Evidence. This opens the office trailer in the Customs construction area near the crashed truck on the second level. The folder is on the table. This key spawns in the locked room on Factory under the coats.
    • ZB-014 - Prapor's quest: Ice Cream Cones. Opens the locked room inside the bunker nearest to the exit. There is an RNG chance of finding the mags there (just buy them). This key usually spawns in Room 220 in Customs.
    • Room 214 - Prapor's quest: Shaking Up Teller. Key 203 can be found in the red mug or on scavs / filing cabinets.
    • Room 203 - Prapor's quest: Shaking Up Teller. The secure container is under the bed. This key can be found in Room 214 in the red mug.
    • Room 206 - Therapist's quest: Operation Aquarius. Just walk inside. The key is a random drop.
    • Room 114 - Therapist's quest: Pharmacist. The briefcase spawns on top of the safe and there are documents under the bed.
    • Sanatorium Key - Peacekeeper's quest: Spa Tour Pt. 5 This key can be found on keybars/docs.

    Unknown / Useless Keys

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