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  • Escape From Tarkov is the most complicated, hardcore, noob-unfriendly game I've ever encountered. Knowledge is power in EFT and it feels as though the first few weeks are spent not even playing it. There's no hand-holding. Literally nothing, not even an in-game map – not one you can bring up during a raid anyway. As a match begins, you are told where you can extract from (some extractions are marked "????" because they only open once a certain action has been performed within the level) – but where is the extraction called, say, "Passage between the rocks"? You have to find it yourself, silly. It's not like there are a minimum of seven veterans who have played since alpha, armed to the teeth roaming the vast map while you fumble and bumble looking for a way out. But where the end is clear in DayZ and Battle Royales (you die or you win), Escape from Tarkov is about escaping with your life. The clue is in the name. Players have a stash where their gear is safe, and from this a loadout can be Escape From Tarkov Itemsequipped to bring into a raid. A raid describes a session on one of Escape from Tarkov's several maps – ranging from military base to forest, shopping mall, coastline resort and industrial areas – each with a variety of insertion and extraction points. "When the drops event started, the server overloads began and we were busy with work," he said." "It was already clear that Escape from Tarkov was at the top, everyone started posting about it and paying attention to it, but we were not up to it. Therefore, unfortunately, it was not possible to fully experience [the moment the game became popular]." Twitch Drops EFT Items allow viewers to earn in-game items by watching streamers play the game. Escape from Tarkov's event reportedly pulled in over 30 million hours viewed, with 8.3 million objects handed out. This tabulated to over 1,000,000,000 roubles.

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