In a Fight Between Factions


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  • Escape From Tarkov is a first-person multiplayer war action video game that takes you to the abandoned city of Tarkov, in Russia, in a fight between factions, local guerrillas and other enemies. Realism, survival, and action go hand in hand in a game with a political and military background. Below you will see some key patch notes regarding Escape From Tarkov Update 0.12.4. Another significant change coming toEscape From Tarkov MoneyEscape From Tarkov in 0.12.4 is an increased level requirement for the flea market. Normally, players could access the in-game auction house as soon as their PMC reached level 5. Once the patch goes live, you’ll need your PMC at level 15 before you can use it. That’s caused some controversy on Tarkov’s forums and subreddit, but the consensus seems to be that it’ll be a good change that helps keep banned/cash farming accounts at bay. Well, it seems that most of you are having struggles with long queues and whatnot, so you might want to check a couple of settings before you go forward. We know that you have probably tried to toy with the servers from the launcher to gain as many benefits as you can. But, that’s not a thing with a game that’s still in its Beta phase and does not represent the final product, such as Escape From Tarkov.

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