A new Escape from Tarkov update is right around the corner


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  • The preliminary patch notes for Escape From Tarkov 0.12.4 have arrived, and we’re happy to many of the changes announced. Before we post them, we just have to say that Tarkov is about to become a more Escape From Tarkov Money realistic and beautiful game, especially with the new Stamina/Fatigue redesign but also the rework of Interchange, one of the most beautiful maps in the game.

    Escape From Tarkov will no longer be a fast-paced game with the next patch. How Battlestate Games tackled, the https://www.lolga.com/escape-from-tarkov-cash problem is by adding another Stamina bar. From the two stamina bars, the top and blue stamina bar will be related to the player’s melee attack/hold breath. In contrast, the green stamina will be connected to the player fatigue and movement.

    A new Escape from Tarkov update is right around the corner. The latest Escape from Tarkov patch notes have been listed as preliminary notes for update version 0.12.4. While they may be subject to change, fans https://www.lolga.com/ can at least get a glimpse of everything planned for the newest patch, specifically the new Fatigue mechanic and adjustments to stamina. Keep reading to learn what’s different or changed in the Escape from Tarkov 0.12.4 update.

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