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  • It's been just over two week since the launch of Operation: Scarlet Spear. In that time, we've released 10 Warframe Platinum hotfixes and continue to work through feedback to improve your experience. See below for some of the biggest changes from our latest hotfix: INCREASED CREDIT PAYOUTS We’ve increased Ground Assault and Murex Raid scoring, which means Scarlet Credit payouts are now higher: Ground Assault: Missions will reach a possible 4131 points by Condrix 17 Murex Raids: Missions will reach a possible 3960 by Murex 5 ADDED RARE AND LEGENDARY ARCANES We’ve added Rare and Legendary Arcanes to Little Duck’s Trade! Visit her shop in the Flotilla to pick up Rare Arcanes for 2,000 Scarlet Credits and Legendary Arcanes for 4,000 Credits each. OPERATION EXTENSION We’re extending the Operation by an extra week due to some challenges https://www.lolga.com/warframe-platinum we faced at launch. Scarlet Spear on PC will now end on April 28 at 2 p.m. ET. For full patch notes, head over to the PC Update Notes forum. CONSOLE UPDATE STATUS, BUG FIXES AND MORE All of the above changes will be included in the Consoles update at launch. Stay up to date by visiting our PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch status threads.

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