What We Want to See in This Year’s FIFA?


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  • New Features We Want in the New FIFA FIFA 20 came with a new mode called Volta and the AI was also cleverly reprogrammed to make the offline matches more realistic. However, players still want to see the following upgrades and improvements in FIFA 21: A Little More Fun on the Street Volta brought all the fun of FIFA Street to FIFA 20. In fact, Volta was receivedhttps://www.mmobc.com/fifa-21-coins positively by the audience so EA is sure to include even better street modes in FIFA 21 this year. I would definitely love it if EA came up with a perfect punch of professional soccer and street action. A Revamped Career Mode Career mode was first introduced in FIFA 17. It was a huge success when it first came out in 2016. However, EA has not done anything praiseworthy afterward. The career modes in games following FIFA 17 are all very repetitive and oh-so-similar so this year should bring something new to the players. Personally, I’m not too excited about the career mode because it may again be http://www.mmobc.com a similar old story with new faces. Better Visuals and Graphics Advancements You may have noticed that graphics advancements in FIFA games released over the past 3 years have not been groundbreaking. That is because the console generation is nearing its end and developers are running low on power to throw something awe-inspiring at the old hardware. This year is different though. Xbox Series X and PS5 will be released in the coming holiday season and both the consoles are powerhouses so EA can put the extra power of these new consoles to work by introducing visual advancements in FIFA 21. The newFIFA 21 Coins hardware will feature ray tracing, audio tracing and other awesome sounding technologies to take the FIFA 21 experience to the next level. There will be a full graphics overhaul to put 12 teraflops of processing power packed in Xbox One X to work!

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