Wolcen: Lords Of Mayhem Patch


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  • Wolcen's latest update,, is now live and it makes some very important changes. Several UI bugs along with multiple gameplay bugs were resolved. Rendering was improved and localization for several languages was updated. The latest patch fixed the cropped text in Champion of Stormfall UI and expedition quest detail UI. UI elements for boss health bars won’t overlap anymore https://www.lolga.com/wolcen-lords-of-mayhem and cursed chests will now drop reachable loot. More accessories for the last tier have been added, which will be accessible once you reach level 65+. The patch also fixed flickering issues in Champion of Stormfall and Volumetric Fog Rendering is improved in High and Very High settings. From now on, you Wolcen Primordial Affinity will also get an additional sound feedback when using reagents on Items. The complete patch notes are mentioned below and on the official site. Wolcen Update Patch Notes User Interface Expeditions from map items now https://www.lolga.com/wolcen-l…-mayhem-ethereal-reagents display the magic find and monster level info in the quest details. Fixed some cropped texts in expedition quest details UI. Fixed some cropped texts in Champion of Stormfall UI. Fixed overlapping UI elements on Boss health bars. Gameplay Fixed a bug that might cause melee attacks to Wolcen Ethereal Reagents have an unwanted targeting behavior, especially against the spheres during Chapter III Boss fight. The game will now skip the Down But Not Out state if all party members are either down or dead. Fixed a bug causing cursed chests to drop unreachable loot. Fixed an issue that led Unique armors of lower tiers to be dropped at level 65+ Expeditions. Unique accessories of the last tier http://www.lolga.com have been added and will be accessible at level 65+, this concerns: Seal of the Arbiter Sagarnäris Thirst Seven Sisters' Pact O'Maley's Lucky Belt Three Crowns Brooch Mark of the Blackstaff Paradox High Potency Neural Cord Lex Filianis Searing Reverie Voidforged Endeavour The Trial Shadowcall Audio Added sound feedback when using reagents on items. Rendering Improved volumetric fog rendering for high and very high settings. Fixed some flickering lights in Champion of Stormfall game mode.

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