New NBA 2K21 Limited mode will be a fan favourite


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  • Limited is a brand new mode for 2K game, and it looks like it could be one of the best modes in the game this year!

    As the release of NBA 2K21 gets closer, expect 2K fans!

    With only two weeks to go until the game's confirmed September 4th release date, and with tons of new features, that date can't come soon enough!

    Creativity is the key to MT Limited

    One of the new features announced for NBA 2K21 is MyTEAM Limited.

    This new mode will run from Friday to Sunday each week and will offer players the opportunity to unlock certain top maps. Catching up? You have to be creative!

    Each week has different rules for the game. After a few weeks, the system may require you to use a lineup consisting only of Central Division players. For others, you may have to use a player over 30 years old.

    This creative approach is far from what we can do. It prevents players from using the same set of 10/12 players throughout the year and allows players to immerse themselves in teams they would not otherwise consider.

    Playing to win is the point.

    For many people, this will be the main reason to play this new mode.

    In this mode, your ability to play 2K will be the focus of attention, contrary to the ability to win money that was sometimes seen in previous games.

    These requirements will never require you to have a team full of galactic opals. There is also no minimum requirement for class ranking.

    Yes, those with more NBA 2k21 mt coins can have a better side than those with a smaller budget, but for very specific requirements, your ability to create unique squads is more important than in any other MT mode.

    Consistent play is rewarded.

    For years, 2K has been good at this, and so is this new mode.

    Every week that you play, you'll have the opportunity to purchase a "championship ring". The details of unlocking this ring are not yet fully confirmed.

    These rings can then be exchanged for various rewards - similar to FIFA and its weekend league rewards program. The more you play, the more content you unlock and the more rewards you can earn.

    Is there a new Fan Favorite mode on MyTEAM?

    Now, we'll certainly have to see how the mode will work in practice once the game is released, but this mode has a lot of potential.

    It's enough to satisfy the needs of competitive 2K players, and the fun interchangeable sites should have fun with casual players who play 2K.

    This could be an excellent new mode in 2K, and we're going all out!

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