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  • I had gotten the doll in the Witch and applied bothe Iban's Ashes (in the burnt tomb) and Iban's Shadow (from the demons)-- but I and RuneScape gold died in the spider area during a lag before I managed to assault Kalrag (the giant spider). I managed to recover a doll out of the dwarf Niloof but I couldn't appear to assault the Giant Spider! I received no health bar on the spider once I try to attack it and didn't appear to track it either. Additionally, when I tried to retarget the spider it stated"I am already under attack".

    I then thought perhaps the problem was that I had used Iban's Shadow and Iban's Ashes in the incorrect purchase. I truly could not remember which I had used first the Shadow or the Ashes and I did not know if the order really mattered. According to two pursuit guides I looked at I was likely to use the Shadow prior to the Ashes. However, my in-game pursuit list revealed that I must have utilized the Ashes first. My quest list also revealed that I needed to use both these items on the doll. I attempted to re-apply the Shadow and the Ashes. I was able to acquire more Shadow but when I attempted to relight the grave to secure more Ashes I was told"You've collected the ashes in the tomb."

    I have looked all around hoping the ash would scout somewhere or onto some character (like the doll came from the dwarf Niloof) but have not been able to find them everywhere. I tried dropping the ring, taking another from the dwarf. . .but got the same result (got the Shadow but no Ashes) Is this something which a PM can help me ? How do I get you? I already sent a message to Old School RS Gold Jagex claiming this may be a glitch in the game but haven't heard back in a week. Alright so after these past two days I got my 70attkI brought my Abyssal Whip, but I was wondering what additional gear if I buy so that I can get much better bonuses for my stats? So say I needed to get better stat bonuses for strength or attack. What equipment should I purchase? I'm on a three mil budget.

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