It appears you are restricted for a pre-set quantity of trade for each item.


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  • I have looked all around hoping the ash would scout somewhere or onto some character (like the doll came from OSRS gold the dwarf Niloof) but have not been able to find them everywhere. I tried dropping the ring, taking another from the dwarf. . .but got the same result (got the Shadow but no Ashes) Is this something which a PM can help me ? How do I get you? I already sent a message to Jagex claiming this may be a glitch in the game but haven't heard back in a week. Alright so after these past two days I got my 70attkI brought my Abyssal Whip, but I was wondering what additional gear if I buy so that I can get much better bonuses for my stats? So say I needed to get better stat bonuses for strength or attack. What equipment should I purchase? I'm on a three mil budget.

    I just got 99 Fletching and during my quest I had the idea of getting 99 Woodcutting later Fletching, then get 99 Firemaking. Well, a brand new idea popped up in my mind for a godsword or Saradomin sword. I can not afford a godsword right now and I don't want to spend 80 percent of my money on the Saradomin sword. I calculated that the gain; 1,232 ( the log cost, it climbed. It is about 1.5k now )x many logs that I need for 99 WC, which will be roughly 35K-36K. In the long run, I'll get 44M+, enough money to get a SS, Godsword, or something entirely different. . Baby dragon bones ( BBD's ) are about 900gp-1,000gp, which makes them not the very best but a fast method of earning money. Here are my existing objectives, NN signifies Not Necessarily, meaning it would be nice to have it, but it's not something I would like.

    It appears you are restricted for a pre-set quantity of trade for each item. Once I tried purchasing elemental rune and trading tokul and realized there was a 25k cap for each kind, I was amazed but I though to itself 25k is a big amount no big deal. Today I was attempting to buy battle staffs, I got 100 on the spot but its been 20 minutes and still didn't receive any more. Do not tell me maybe no one is selling any more. If there were only 100 in stock I might have gotten them all I sure am not the only RS player seeking to buy some.

    Does any one know if its a daily cycle and when its not how long is the cycle. Other issue is, is there some were we could find out whats the limit for each product? I already got equipment for 1k air battle staffs not such a major deal involving zaff, ge plus a little bit of patience ill end up getting the staffs I need but it'd be wonderful to know b4 hand, no need to buy RuneScape gold possess 2.7k cosmics and 2.7 molten glass / unpowered orbs sitting in my bank for a week.

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