AFK coaching is essentially well... contrary to RS rules.


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  • Alright well I been playing and I went to Bh a while ago got owned by lvl 97 rofl, had nothing actually on me my Cousin wishes to OSRS gold playwith, the match he doesn't want to find any abilities besides cb stats, and I dont know about that bounty as you can tell I got owned, he'll be starting off a new account because he hasnt got one nevertheless, exactly what stats will be good? To go in low level crater? if he accomplish a good Bh participant I may even do it Thinks it's going to work... He made his account but has not did anything on it, and he cant use the discussion because he staying at my home for the summer will reveal same ip address... but his name is"X madgame X". Thank you for those that help! Also please put in the location of the place suggested monsters are at.

    AFK coaching is essentially well... contrary to RS rules... I mean, if its done in increments that RS doesn't log you out, and also your not having a program to do it, thats ok I suppose because all your doing is snapping and then leaving the computer. DONT do that. And FYI, in case your thinking of this method I explained where you simply click and leave the computer keyboard for a bit, theres no point in that. The increment of time you'll be able to leave the keyboard before you autologout is so small you won't get anything done... Better to just stay by the computer and read a novel in between clicks... turn the volume so you can hear when a creature dies in case your training any combat skill.

    This generally works best for melee and mage since you dont generally be concerned about runes should you brought themintend to Old School RuneScape Gold use them! You, but its potential by the time you kill the monster somebody else has your ammo! Just tell you, autoing is contrary to the rules, I HIGHLY discourage it. The only"AFK" coaching is that the one I described previously, and its not even AFK. . Its more like"turn off chat so noone can talk to you and train whilst multitasking". I do not know much about this particular forum so, if I am doing something wrong I promise to learn from it. I was walking around Lumbridge, speaking to a participant moderator called X. I understood he was a player moderator because of his crown. A couple of players were asking questions to him and suddenly I recieved a private message from a person claiming I were picked to be a player moderator. In the beginning, I was amazed and totally euphoric (is that a word?) . Then, I recalled frauds where players promised to be Jagex. I inquired X about it and he asked me a question. (I honestly cannot recall, but I believe it was all about how I recieved it.)

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