I want a way to make money that involves playing the game


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  • Why can you tell us RS gold all your stats?

    Ok, about a week ago I decided to quit RuneScape because I was tired of Jagex just being a complete shizzle company, however, I think the match (and community) is okay. So, I'll be renewing my membership (expires on the 25th) and deciding to return. I am literally flat out bankrupt - sold everything of value on my account when I made a decision to quit - and I wish to create money just like a NORMAL, PLAYER.

    I do not mean to grind anything. Basically, I want a way to make money that involves playing the game like a standard player. Does somebody have any idea about what I should do, BESIDES SLAYER. Slayer for me personally I do on my own time, whenever I want. Which isn't often, but, I do it.

    Considering ur quite low cb stats, I'd guidance u to kill chickens till lvl10 str, then kill cows until lvl 20 str, atk and def, b4 even attempting dungeoneering. This is because the monsters there WILL heap u.. And unless u can tank them, ud die... At approximately lvl20 melee stats, u shud be able to tank them enough.

    Another thing. . If ur choosing combat exp, do not go in a group. . And when u do, be sure tht ur team mates are about ur combat lvl (or lower). . Since the monsters are based on the ordinary lvl of the group. . By way of instance, if I was ur team partner, (lvl 91), the monsters there wud maintain the level 30s-80s. . Meaning u will never hit them. . And tht should they atk u, ud die almost instantly...

    If u solo it, then most monsters are going to be buy osrs gold paypal around ur lvl. Now to the major question. .

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